Anderson SB350 Connector


Anderson SB350 Connector Standard Grey Housing – Up to 500 amps


£ 7.75£ 12.69 pre-VAT

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ANDERSON SB350 CONNECTOR – 12V, 18V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V

  • Anderson SB350 connector housings work with wire contacts up to 350 mcm (50mm²).
  • Genderless design mates with itself. Mechanical keys are color coded.
  • The SB350 is the largest connector in the series with power capabilities up to 450 amps with 4/0 AWG wire and 500 amps with a 350 mcm wire.
  • Wires ranging from #1/0 (53.5 mm²) to 350 mcm (150 mm²) fit into the one piece housing available in standard PC or a chemical resistant PBT/PC blend.
  • Silver plated wire or contacts minimize electrical resistance whilst still offering supreme durability and reliability.
  • Up to 350 mcm (150mm²) Wires Allows UL rated currents up to 500 amps.

12v (Yellow), 18v (Orange), 24v (Red), 36v (Grey), 48v (Blue), 72v (Green)




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