Albright 48V Manual Disconnect Switch (Single Pole On/Off) 125 Amperes

SKU: ED125-1


  • 25mm diameter shaft clearance or panel hole
  • Total height including button: 102mm

Body Beneath Panel Dimensions

  • Width: 55mm
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Depth including cable bolts approximately: 62mm

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  • Rated 125A at 48V dc maximum current.
  • Single pole, single throw.
  • Two M5 fixing screws at 48mm centres.
  • Two M8 hex bolts for battery cable fixing.
  • With an open housing for inspection of the contacts.

About the ED125 Emergency Stop Switch

Typically used on 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt dc electric vehicle systems, the ED125 is a manually operated device with an over-centre spring mechanism, which provides a snap action for both opening and closing of the main contacts. It is secured with supplied M5 posidrive mounting screws.

Uninterrupted current – no or infrequent load switching requirements (maintains a lower contact resistance).


Device TypeSPST Emergency Stop Switch
Thermal Current Rating (Ith)125 amp
Intermittent Current Rating30% Duty 230A
40% Duty 200A
50% Duty 175A
60% Duty 160A
70% Duty 150A
Overload Currents
that can be Ruptured
800A at 48V D.C.
Maximum Recommended
Contact Voltage
48V D.C.
Typical Voltage Drop Per Pole
Across New Contacts At 100A
Operating Ambient Temperature-40 to +60℃


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