At Battery Components we offer a wide range of REMA battery plugs. Products include DIN plugs; REMA DIN80, REMA DIN160 and REMA DIN320 and flat plugs including REMA SR, REMA SRE and REMA SRX. We also offer REMA FT80 plugs and REMA AL plugs. These REMA flat plugs should be used as a component for charging your forklift truck traction battery.

  • REMA DIN 80 amp
  • REMA DIN 160 amp
  • REMA DIN 320 amp
  • REMA FT 80 amp
  • REMA SR 50
  • REMA SR 175
  • REMA SR 350
  • REMA SRE 160/SRX 175
  • REMA SRE 320
  • REMA SRX 350

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